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DynaKit: Deluxe


Product Description

This Kit includes the accessories you will need to keep your DynaVap device happy. The Deluxe kit includes all of the items in the Basic DynaKit, and then some. Premium Titanium CCD screens are included, along with a strong DynaMag which is included to provide touch-free handling of a hot cap. The triple torch lighter will provide optimal heating results and a SnapStash was added for smaller storage. The full list of items included in this DynaKit: Deluxe:

Hawk (Triple Torch)(Lighter color will be randomly selected)
Cotton Pipe Cleaners - hard bristle (5 pack)
Fat Mouthpiece
Titanium CCD (3 pack)
Condenser O-Rings (3 pack)
High-Temp O-Rings (5 pack)
SnapStash: Small
Two Complementary Storage Tubes*

*Storage Tube colors may vary depending on inventory*
**Lighters cannot be shipped to France due to Customs regulations**
***Note: lighter in this kit can be substituted with lighter of our choice at any time when the Hawk is unavailable ***

Dynavap compatibility chart
(Sm = small, Lg = large)
Standard condenser
Standard condenser w/mouthpiece
Omni condenser assembly w/mouthpiece
M condenser
XL condenser w/mouthpiece
XL Omni condenser assembly w/mouthpiece
2019 "M"
"M" Condenser, "M" Stem with built in Mouthpiece, SS Tip + Cap
Omni Condenser Assembly w/ Mouthpiece, Ti Body, Ti Tip + Cap
OmniVap XL
XL Omni Condenser Assembly w/ Mouthpiece, Stem, Ti Tip + Cap
Standard Condenser, Mouthpiece, VonG Body, Ti Tip + Cap
Standard Condenser, VonG Stem, Ti Tip + Cap
XL Condenser, Mouthpiece, VonG Stem, Ti Tip + Cap
Omni Condenser Assembly w/ Mouthpiece, VonG Body, Ti Tip + Cap
OmniVonG XL
XL Omni Condenser Assembly w/ Mouthpiece, VonG Stem, Ti Tip + Cap
Introduction to the DynaCoil
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